Advantages Of New Zealand

” The Land Of The Long White Cloud “

Is Close To The Most Beautiful Country In The World

Advantages Of New Zealand

New Zealand is not just beautiful country but a great place to bring up a family, with a high standard of living, fantastic education, employment, and a “proud” international sporting history.

It is also a peaceful and friendly environment to live or invest in

  • Beautiful country (one of most beautiful countries in the world).
  • Great first home owner or first investment property purchases
  • Owner Occupied houses for new immigrants or company transfers to New Zealand
  • Retreat seaside, lakeside, alpine and lifestyle investment for future retirement/holiday property investment.
  • Extremely good international property prices for “Scenic Locations”.
  • Many locations with positive cashflow, enabling the tenants to pay for mortgage repayments (depending on the mortgage balance).
    Good rental demand in most cities or large towns.
  • Deposit for owner occupied properties 10% to 20% and for investment properties 35%, brand new house and land 30% deposit for nonresidents and 10% to 20% for owner occupiers. Mary will try to obtain for you 65% to 80% finance from a New Zealand banks/financial institutions who we will both choose together.
  • No Stamp Duty ($0), Low Legal and Registration Fees (approx NZ$1,000 to $1,500), Favourable Exchange Rates For Deposit.
    No Land Tax.
  • Population Growth.
  • Low competitive airfares to New Zealand.
  • Economically compared to the rest of the world, New Zealand is an improving economy.
  • Please Note: a new law from the New Zealand Government for nonresidents. Only Australian citizens, Singaporean Citizens and New Zealand citizens plus Permanent Residents can purchase existing property in New Zealand.
  • Nonresidents may look at purchasing brand new house and land. Refer to Governent website

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